What is HQ Retail?

It is an easy-to-use, online/offline retail system that combines all retail operations under one roof. With its advanced modules, it maximizes operational efficiency of the companies.


– Financial management
– Purchasing
– Sales & Marketing
– Product management
– Warehouse management

HQ Cloud Server

HQ Retail is a web-based software that runs online offering you the ability to manage your business anytime and from anywhere. Your data can be safely stored for years.

User Friendly and Customizable Screens

HQ Retail has a design that all of your staff can easily understand and use-one of the most significant features of the system that sets it apart.

HQ E-Commerce

You can communicate between HQ E-Commerce module and your online sales portal, to share instant stock information, send product details, track online sales and collections.

Excellent compatibility with POS and next generation cash registers

HQ Retail has the ability to integrate with all POS devices and next generation cash registers.

Other features:

Store management – unlimited number of stores
Automatic transfers between stores
Management of discounts and promotions
Gift cards management
Mobile accessibility
Consignment sales
Service and support
Product allocation
Cost centred management
Human resources
Incentives management
Staff wages
Multiple currencies