What is HQ Service?

It is an easy to use online/offline system for the service sector. It combines all of your service sector operations into one system, maximizing service efficiency of the companies and allowing you to track any operation desired with its unique modules.

HQ Service Features:

– Project management
– Staff management
– Human resources
– Service Management
– Advanced Reporting Module
– Finance Management
– General Accounting Management
– Purchasing Management
– Sales Management

HQ Cloud Server

HQ Service is a web-based software that runs online offering you the ability to manage your business anytime and from anywhere. Your data can be safely stored for years.

User Friendly and Customizable Screens

HQ Service has a design that all of your staff can easily understand and use-one of the most significant features of the system that sets it apart.

Customizable Module

Every business has different work processes. HQ Service has a unique feature; it is able to being optimized according to the functioning of your industry. You can manage your business with a system that meets the needs of your industry and easily stay on top of your entire operation.

Custom Panel for Your Customers

With a custom panel you can allow your customers access for the services they need and real-time payment information. This feature allows you to trade securely and transparently with your customers.

Alert Invoice Tracking System

With this system you can easily raise and manage your invoices for completed sales. It’s easier to be in control of collections with invoice due module that alerts you to outstanding payments.

Easy Reporting and Analysis

With HQ Service you can easily report on your financial transactions and get detailed analysis of all aspects of your company, including purchasing report / analysis, wages and staff productivity report / analysis, and many others.