We conduct analysis and forecasts with advanced information technologies by making use of electronic devices to ensure safety and proper quality of smart transportation systems. Accordingly, we offer the best solution to our customers with simulations.
HQ Technologies offers services such as virtualisation and consolidation, cloud computing, system integration and infrastructure management, consultancy in information technologies providing solution and assistance, as well as business continuity and security services to its corporate clients.
This initiative offers information technology, ERP solutions, CRM solutions for companies and a RETAIL solution partnership. Our projects will initially focus on the African market.

We are in South Africa for our prized products for the first year of our commercial venture. Once we have achieved our sales targets, we will be spreading across all the countries in Africa as our market progresses. The demands of the customers on the market are to reach suitable price in a way that will meet their needs. A database for potential customers will be created after product pricing and distribution in order to establish a market network in accordance with the targets set out in the project, and planning and implementation of active role roles in the market will be ensured, including identification of the market. We will do business with marketability and consistency and marketing our sales department and we will always be in touch with such customers when our staff in our workplace creates a market profile.
ERP solutions, CRM solutions and RETAIL solutions. Using cloud servers for software solutions, it provides a continuous backup and secure service. It will be prepared in modules and produced in a way so that it will meet the needs of industry in the direction of the demands and these modules will be available for further development. In addition, our specialist information technology staff will be appointed in line with the demands of the businesses and provide our customers with high quality service. Price stability, performance characteristics and functions will also affect consumer preferences.
Thanks to the latest developments in technology, businesses will get rid of these irregular control methods with these modules and will be provided with these systems where traceability rates are relatively easy. It will provide an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to establish an institutional structure.

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